Serving More Than Food: Restaurant Co-Ops Put Economic Justice on the Table

By Robert R. Raymond

Truthout – Published January 19, 2022

In the face of horrendous work environments and staggering levels of worker exploitation, many restaurant workers and their advocates are advancing alternative models of management and ownership geared toward breaking the cycles of abuse and disempowerment that define much of the industry. One of the most interesting models being explored is the worker cooperative: businesses that are owned and run collectively by the workers themselves.

Maine Voices: Co-ops reveal the power in the concept of ‘we’

By Dave Libby

Press Herald – Posted November 9, 2021

When they organize as cooperatives, people find that they can accomplish more when they work together.

What if Workers Owned Their Workplaces?

By Michelle Chen

The Nation – Published March 8, 2019

The cooperative movement is showing that worker-owned businesses can not only survive, but thrive.

What if employees co-owned the business where they work?

By Nathan Schneider

The Guardian – Published September 29, 2018

A quiet consensus is emerging across the political divide: Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan both advocate enabling Americans to co-own the businesses where they work.