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A limited number of grants of up to $10,000 is available

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Do you have a business idea? Are you willing to put in the time and effort to bring it to fruition? Can you gather a group of people to work together? We can help you find necessary training, legal assistance and financial support!

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We are a collective of community members concerned about the increasing inequities in our society and inspired by the rich ecosystem of cooperatives growing worldwide. We see worker cooperatives as a mechanism to help local people move towards economic self sufficiency through self-determination.

Grant Alert

The Westchester Cooperative Network is accepting grant applications to support the creation of worker-owned cooperatives in Westchester whose business mission is aligned with the seven cooperative principles.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated based on the group’s needs and impact on its community.

To apply: download the form and email the completed application to info@westchestercooperative.net

A limited number of grants of up to $10,000 is available

Why does Westchester need Worker-Owned Cooperative Businesses?

Nada Khader – Oct 30, 2022 According to the New York State Department of Labor, there are 477,400 residents of Westchester County that form our local labor market in our county of over a million people as of May 2022.  Officially, only 14,500 people are...

Business Ownership Solutions

Cooperative Development Institute – April 29, 2021 Business Ownership Solutions (BOS) works with business owners and their employees to think through whether conversion to employee ownership is feasible and could meet their needs, whether as a succession plan or...

Workers to Owners: The Story of A Yard and a Half

Democracy at Work Institute – May 4, 2018 A Yard and a Half Landscaping employees bought the business from a retiring founder. Now it’s a thriving worker cooperative in Boston.

Delia speaks about starting a cooperative in Greenburgh

WVOX Radio with PAUL FEINER (Greenburgh Town Supervisor) – August 31, 2022 Do you have a business idea? Are you willing to put in the time and effort to bring it to fruition? Can you gather a group of people to work together? The Westchester Cooperative Network...

The Café That’s Upending Capitalism

Cafe Euphoria isn’t just another co-op. Its trans and gender-nonconforming owners are pursuing a vision of radical equality. By Mike De Socio yes magazine – AUG 16, 2022 From the outside, Cafe Euphoria might seem like any other coffee shop in downtown Troy, New...


The 7 cooperative principles.



Anyone can join a co-op—they don’t discriminate based on gender, social, racial, political or religious factors.



Members control their business by deciding how it’s run and who leads it.



All co-op members invest in their cooperative. This means people, not shareholders, benefit from a co-op’s profits.



When making business deals or raising money, co-ops never compromise their autonomy or democratic member control.



Co-ops provide education, training and information so their members can contribute effectively to the success of their co-op.



Co-ops believe working together is the best strategy to empower their members and build a stronger co-op economy.



Co-ops are community-minded. They contribute to the sustainable development of their communities by sourcing and investing locally.

Take advantage of the resources available in our ecosystem


A set of National and Regional organizations for and about worker cooperatives! They support every aspect of their development, help to coordinate their activities and advocate for legislation favorable to them. View More


Do you have at least one partner and a business idea, but don’t know how to make it happen?
Here you will find workshops and courses that will train and coach you through the process. View More


A collection of documents and videos to learn on your own all you need to start a cooperative. View More


Looking for financial support? Here are several lenders that will provide the means for building your cooperative. View More


Writing the by-laws and legally registering your cooperative are usually difficult processes for those that don’t have legal expertise. These organizations specialize in giving you the legal support that you’ll need. View More


Starting any business is hard and requires expertise. These organizations help you solve your business challenges. View More


The US has a long tradition of farmer cooperatives (ncfc.org). These organizations support the new generation of farming cooperatives. View More


More than half the businesses in the US are owned by people over 55 years old. The next decade will see a “silver tsunami” of baby boomer retirements. Many of them would sell their business to their employees to form worker-owned cooperatives. View More

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